Preferred Charity for the Great Ocean Road Marathon

The Apollo Bay & District Health Foundation

– Preferred Charity fo the Great Ocean Road Marathon –

The Health Foundation manages a public charitable trust fund to support, promote and protectB the health of the community of Apollo Bay and surrounding towns. The fundsB raised are returned, via grant applications, back to non-profit community organisations. Our financialB assistance is paramount to maintaining and improving health-related and associated facilities in our community. We have so far given to the local hospital (OHCS), aged care facility, ambulance service,B child care, kinder, school, CFA, local sports clubs and many more. This year, the Health Foundation has been appointed the Preferred Charity for the Great Ocean Road Marathon, which will take place on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th May. B We still have to compete for donations against many high profile charities.B We are just at the top of the list. This festival comprises 6 different events over the two days and attracts more than 5,500 runners from Victoria, interstate and overseas. We encourage you to become our partner in this very exciting event.B You can do this by:
  • joining our local team in the half-marathon, the “Bay Town Rollers”;
  • getting your own team together for any of the 6 events and raising money for our community;
  • volunteering to assist during the event; and
  • making a donation.
With strong community support we hope to be able to raise over $100k in the next couple of years.

B For more information, go to

Or visit our booth at the Seafood Festival on the Foreshore on

Saturday 22nd February 2014