Healthy Connections building a bright future for Apollo Bay !

th and 18th of May this year. The Health Foundation is very proud to announce a wonderful new partnership with The Apollo Bay and District Bendigo Bank, and the Apollo Bay News Sheet as our major sponsors for the Great Ocean Road Marathon. Branch Manager of Bendigo Bank, Apollo Bay, Jenny Rippon sets great importance in creating and maintaining strong bonds within the community. This, in turn, will bring greater opportunities for Apollo Bay to prosper and grow, to the benefit of the whole town. [caption id="attachment_683" align="alignright" width="446"]L to R, Pip Cuming, (AB&DHF), Jenny Rippon (Bendigo Bank), Andrew "Buck" Buchanan (AB&DHF), Valda Bawden (Apollo Bay News Sheet), Pamela Carey (Run4Us Coordinator), Kerry McMahoh (AB&DHF) and Di Clark (AB&DHF) L to R, Pip Cuming (AB&DHF), Jenny Rippon (Bendigo Bank), Andrew “Buck” Buchanan (AB&DHF), Valda Bawden (Apollo Bay News Sheet), Pamela Carey (Run4Us Coordinator), Kerry McMahon (AB&DHF) and Di Clark (AB&DHF)[/caption] Both the Health Foundation, and the Bendigo Bank, are committed to assisting Apollo Bay and the districtbs many not-for-profit groups, to obtain their goals by providing much needed financial support; these endeavours are in turn supported by The Apollo Bay News Sheet, as the bvoiceb of the community, and as a vital communication link. With such strong partnerships our not-for-profits, which are the lifeblood of any small community, can actually reach for the stars in terms of tangible programs and the physical structures that they require in order to help their organisations b and therefore our community – flourish. As a resident of Apollo Bay and district, take a moment to look around you this week, and youbll see many amazing things that have already been funded through both the Health Foundation and the Bendigo Bank;B things like critical medical equipment at Otway Health and Community Services, support of the Stephanie Alexander Program at Apollo Bay P12 College, a trailer to transport vital life saving equipment for the Apollo Bay Life Saving Club, and much more. The partnership of the Health Foundation and the Bendigo Bank, and the support of The Apollo Bay News Sheet is building a strong foundation for community support long into the future, and when our community thrives, so too, does our beautiful town.]]>