Call for 2015 Grant Applications

  • Be a not-for-profit organisation.
  • The project must fall within the geographical boundaries of the AB&DHF.B The district can be regarded generally as extending approximately from Wye River through Apollo Bay to Lavers Hill and from the coast to a line drawn from Lavers Hill to Forrest.
  • Must fall within the charter of activities supported by the Foundation.
  • Important Note: When reviewing grants we give precedence to grant applications which have health outcomes as the primary objective b not as a secondary by-product of a project which has a primary objective other than health. Grant applications must be submitted by the closing date of 18th September, 2015.B Applications must be made on the Application for Grant 2015B supported by a detailed project description and costing. Andrew Buchanan -B 0419 315 181 Chairman of Trustees Apollo Bay & District Health Foundation Inc. Endorsed Charitable Institution ABN 48 605 122 377  

    Application for Grant 2015

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